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  • Unreal3.1+sf
    HTTP mirror 1 (USA):



    HTTP mirror 1 (USA):
    HTTP mirror 2 (USA):
    HTTP mirror 3 (UK) :

    FTP mirror 1 (USA):
    FTP mirror 2 (USA):

    Pre-Compiled UnrealIRCd/32 for Windows9x, NT & 2000

    Unreal 3.1+ Released For Win32 !!! See Main Page for Details
    this link for 3.0 HUB version (installer)
    When you have downloaded this file, doubleclick it and unzip it into a
    directory of your choice. Then go into the directory and doubleclick the "Setup.exe" program. It will then start the install program

    Pre-Compiled UnrealIRCd/Amiga for Amiga computers

    Combined HUB/leaf version
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